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Yoga, Pilates, Functional Training

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Susann Damati – inbewegung

Sophienterrasse 14, 20149 Hamburg

Telefon: 0171 7 82 66 75

Steuernummer 427042/01914

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Keep on moving! I am enthusiastic about motivating people to start a healthy lifestyle with the individual, challenging, wholesome portion of movement and an additional relaxation you need in order to stay fit and strong in your daily life.

After working for several years in a publishing house, developing new books, audible, newsletters etc. for the public administration and for non-profit-organisations and then switching to the corporate health sector, I now teach Yoga, Pilates and functional training as a full-time-job which is


  • Commerzbank Hamburg
  • Beiersdorf AG
  • Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg
  • Unilever Hamburg
  • SAP Hamburg
  • Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg etc.

For the corporate trainings I offer for companies please contact me for details. I currently offer trainings for example at the


Personal Classes
If you want to train individually (alone or maybe with your best friend), if you need more flexibility and a high level of motivation, if you want to go beyond your borders (at least sometimes), let’s talk about your personal workouts.

the classic matwork with or without training tools like medicine balls, dumbbells or

Wednesday 8.00 until 09.00 pm

Functional Training for a healthy back  
focusing on the most times aching neck and shoulders, activating more mobility for your whole body and training your core-muscles

Tuesday 7.00 until 8.00 pm

a dynamic Vinyasa-Flow for a perfect start into the new week

Monday 7.15 until 8.15 pm




Corporate classes can be a lunchbreak-fitness-class (30 minutes), an after-work-yoga session (60 or 75 minutes) or a class special offered as a highlight once a month.

All corporate classes can be taught in English and/or German.

The classes are taught in German but can be switched to a bilingual mode if you like.

the perfect vocation for me. To see the happy faces of so many people after sweating in my classes, to get the heartwarming response of someone who feels the first success in his/her training – that makes me feel thankful to be able to work professionally as a trainer and health-coach.


I offer corporate trainings and seminars as well as private classes in Hamburg (and not only there).